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Alissa Amalfi


Alissa Amalfi had health problems since she was a baby. But her death Saturday was not expected. She passed away two hours before her 23rd birthday.

She inspired many people in her short time here. One of them was her father's friend and business partner, Tom Golisano. He donated $34 million to the Golisano Children's Hospital in honor of Alissa and other sick children.

Michael Amalfi, Alissa's father, said there wouldn't be a Golisano Children's Hospital without Tom. Alissa was too ill to attend the dedication for the new hospital back in June, but finally got to see it before she passed away.

Michael said he thinks Alissa waited to see the new hospital, before passing away, and he said he thinks she gave it her final approval.

Alissa's parents traveled all over the country trying to find answers about the condition that caused fatty tumors in their daughter's body and kept her from growing properly.

They credit doctors at Strong for giving her good care that helped her live well beyond the expected five years she was given.

They are also grateful to Golisano for all he did for their daughter and other children. Michael said of his friend and business partner, " I will be forever grateful to that man for what he did for my family and my angel."

It wasn't just money that the billionaire offered the Amalfi family. He also helped them out when they needed to get to the Mayo Clinic during a storm. All the flights were grounded. Tom gave them his private plane and the crew stayed in Minnesota until Alissa was well enough to come home.

The family moved to Florida a few years ago because the winter weather was too harsh for Alissa. They enjoyed trips to Disney, cruises and many boat rides. Alissa loved the water and the beach. Her father bought a boat and named it after his youngest child. They called it "Little Lissy" - that was one of her many nicknames.

The illness took away Alissa's hair and ability to speak, but never her will to fight. Her parents never left her side for 23 years. Amalfi broke down as he spoke of how his wife cared for their daughter without help - feeding her, dressing her and always making her feel like a princess.

He said Alissa inspired her sister Ashley to become a doctor and inspired her brother Michael to work with children with disabilities.

The Amalfis are heartbroken and miss their daughter terribly. They said she was a part of them, and they hope she is now free of pain and able to speak again.

Services for Alissa are being held Wednesday and Thursday.

Her father has also established a memorial in his daughter's honor. She is also remembered in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Children's Hospital. The PICU is named after her.

Her father said Alissa has left a beautiful legacy that will benefit other families who need help for their children.

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