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The Purpose United Project is proud to announce its new local business directory service, integrated as the heart of our social media community of Caring People, Chosen Causes, and Supportive Businesses. Businesses can now advertise to the loyal and motivated Purpose United Community via the online directory, the iOS and Android Mobile apps, and monthly newsletters sent to every supporting member of every Chosen Cause. That’s incredible exposure for your business for a small monthly fee. The best part? Your sponsorship dollars are distributed every month to your business’s Chosen Causes.  In addition, a portion goes into a pool of funds that get shared by all of the members’ Chosen Causes. Everybody wins! Get involved today… make a difference by doing Business on Purpose!

All Purpose United Project Sponsoring Business have complete control over their advertising content, 24 hours per day/7 days per week. Just login to your business listing control panel from your computer, tablet or cell phone, and change any of your ad details and add/change special promotions for Purpose United Members and much more!

Plus, your ads are always available in real time on the Purpose United Project mobile Android and iOS apps!  Our members are loyal users of the mobile apps - to search and locate any local product or service they may desire. Purple map pins identify the businesses that sponsor the same Chosen Causes as any member, allowing the business to personally identify with that member. There is no better way to let your customers know you care about what is important to them and that your business gives back to the community.  

Select the Business Sponsor level that best fits your marketing needs. 

$199.95 / month

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  • *One Listing Category
  • *Contact email address
  • *Link to company website
  • *Company phone number
  • *Company fax number
  • *1 Picture
  • *Location
  • *General Community Sponsor (Pink Map Pin)
  • *No Chosen Causes included (add $100 per Chosen Cause)

$499.95 / month

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  • *Website and Mobile App Listings
  • *5 Listing Categories
  • *Click email
  • *Link to company website
  • *Click phone number
  • *Company fax number
  • *Location
  • *10 Pictures
  • *Business Summary
  • *Details Page
  • *Business Detailed Description
  • *Map with drive directions
  • *Special Deal Offers
  • *Customer Reviews
  • *Hours of Operation
  • *Listing Badge
  • *Special Features Menu
  • *Backlink Builder
  • *Video Player
  • *Upload Additional Files (Menu)
  • *Facebook Page Integration
  • *General Community Sponsor - Pink Map Pin
  • *One Chosen Causes included - Purple Map Pin ($100 per additional Chosen Cause)
  • *Sponsorship inclusion in all monthly emailed newsletters sent to every Chosen Cause supporter.
  • *Special Offer Ad listing in the free local distributed monthly PUP print magazine.